1基于视频图像的智能交通系统(ITS)信息采集与传输:基于图像的交通流量统计、车速检测、车牌号码识别以及超速、违章超车等异常交通事件分析等;基于视频监控的密集客流检测1Information collection and transmission for Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS), based on video images: Traffic flow statistics, license number recognition, vehicle overspeed detection, breakthrough detection, traffic behavior analysis; GIS Based on Geomedia platform(Mobile GIS, WebGIS, Histroy Data Surport); Research on pedestrian detection for crowded scene surveillance.
1下一代车载视频导航及基于视频的汽车主动安全预警系统1Research on next generation on-vehicle video navigation system and video based Initiative Safety System.
1Research on The car pre-crash Safety:
The car pre-crash Safety is an innovative system that reduces collision injury by foreseeing unavoidable collisions to preemptively activate safety devices.
利用无人驾驶飞机(UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)来获取道路交通视频信息,并在此基础上进行车辆识别及交通状态监测等工作。无人机交通监控技术很大程度上克服了人工现场观测的不足,并且其监测系统安装调试周期短,使用方便,灵活性较高,具有广阔的应用前景。
1Research on the traffic condition monitoring technology based on the UAV:
Vehicle identification and traffic condition motoring can be achieved by processing the aerial video obtained from a UAV. This technology can largely overcome the deficiencies of the artificial observation and its system has a short installation and commissioning period and broad application prospects, it is also flexible and easy to use.
1相关项目:1Related Projects:
1.科技部863项目(2007AA11Z221):基于视频的交叉口交通状态全息检测技术, 2007.10-2009.12.1.863 Project from Science and Technology Department (2007AA11Z221): Holographic detection based on crossroads video information, 2007.10-2009.12.
2.上海市科委国际合作项目(08210707500):城市交通信息处理和安全预警系统, 2008.10-2010.122.The International Cooperation projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (08210707500): City traffic information processing and safety warning system, 2008.10-2010.12.
3.上海汽车工业科技发展基金会项目(0908):轿车预碰撞安全系统研究,2009.5-2010.12.3.Project for Shanghai automotive industry technology development foundation (0908): Research on Pre-crash Safety System of cars, 2009.5-2010.12.
4.国际合作项目:Video Surveillance for Intelligent Traffic Management (美国联合技术公司UTC) ,2005.1~2006.12.6.4.International Cooperation project: Video surveillance for intelligent traffic management(UTC, USA),2005.1~2006.12.6.
5.国际合作项目:License Plate Recognition System(China) (美国联合技术公司UTC) ,2007.1~2007.8.7.5.International Cooperation project: License plate recognition system (China) (UTC), 2007.1-2007.8.7.